We intend to introduce the Next Century Education Paradigm to the students in India; both in the supplementary and the main stream education sector. To start with, we are focusing on the supplementary education in the city of Pune.

We have launched unique coaching institute that would help students prepare for the following:
Secondary and Higher Secondary level school examinations for 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Science subjects.



To become a leading educational brand renowned for driving innovation, to improve learning outcomes in both competitive examination coaching and K-12 school learning space.

Through its collaborative focus and student centred approach, Abhijay advocates for the students and supports them in developing their individual strengths and negotiating the challenges. Abhijay fulfils this mission by offering dynamic services including advising course work, academic coaching information and referral writing assistance and supplemental instruction.

9th. STD AND 10th. STD


11th. STD. AND 12th. STD